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I think it's wrong that only one company makes the game Monopoly [entries|friends|calendar]
james the 4th

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Jesus christ! [May 29th 2008|3.13pm]
fucking hell! never go to Paraguay, never take crystal meth and dont ever trust your life on someone named valeria. Fuck its good to be home!
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To the end. [April 9th 2007|9.53am]
Thats all your getting folks.. cya in another life time!
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[December 17th 2006|9.54pm]
[ mood | melancholy ]

I had that dream again, where all civilization brakes down over many many years. information is lost, burnt, abused and miss understood in the aftermath a tatted old book was found sparking unimagenable interest. as society began to blossom once again people took in what the read and educated others form the writings untill people idolized these beliefs. by this time no one was around to say "hey this is popycock! a fictitious load of old popy cock! no more than an old time story". So people evrywhere dedicated there lifes to finding there Prophet.

Maybe what my minds trying to say is: its funny how history repeats it's self!?

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Dear Shelly [December 1st 2006|9.55pm]
Why lie anymore?
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Who are you shell [December 1st 2006|9.54pm]
[ mood | anxious ]


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[November 29th 2006|12.03am]
What a beautiful noise...
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[November 15th 2006|11.45pm]

what dose this mean to you??
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What don't you know. [November 15th 2006|11.31pm]
He likes the sound of footsteps down an empty corridor, the smell of a mint plant and the feel of hot cardbored coffe cups.
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[November 12th 2006|3.30pm]
[ mood | calm ]

This made me laught today.

Fry: "You know the worst thing about being a slave? They make you work but they don't pay you or let you go..."

Leela: "That's the only thing about being a slave."

Fry: "You know what else stinks about being a slave? The hours."

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[September 27th 2006|8.30pm]
DG: I've allways liked how they put bunches of flowers by lamp posts along long stretures of moterways just to brighten up your day. it kinda reminds me how beutiful human nature can be.

JR: Your weird.
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Question [September 16th 2006|8.53pm]
could i posibely predate a message (for example 15/2/92) so people form that date onwoods can read my message thus comunicateing with the past? secondly would they be able to coment?
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[June 5th 2006|12.00am]
The End.
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See what the world is searching for. [May 11th 2006|9.06am]
[ mood | loved ]

Today i came across Google Trends  with the tag line of  "See what the world is searching for."  so i tried a few found out the obious like more people look up Brad Pit than me. and that more people look up me than Garry Glitter the i typed in God vs myspace

As you can see somewhere around november 2004 myspace became more popular than god.
 should we be worried?

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Free Michael Shields [April 30th 2006|9.41pm]
http://www.petitiononline.com/shields1/petition.html do it! you may not think this is going to help but think what the world would be like if evryone thought like that. on friday his fifteen year sentance reduced to 10 big fucking deal the poor boy should be at home by now with his family. If this lad was a middleclass well educated southerner there would be all hell let losse with British diplomats bashing prison doors. but as it is he is a young scouse lad attending a football match ands therfore the govement will let him rot. this makes me so angry

do it now!
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junk mail [April 20th 2006|8.26am]
i got this today

"Would you like to move objects ONLY with your *Chi Power* (without touching
them) OR extinguish a candle flame with your eyes ONLY?

You're in LUCK! Starting right now -- TODAY, the original text for Telekinesis,
which has been closely guarded for centuries, is available for download!"

(Edit:My checks in the post)
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[April 11th 2006|8.52pm]
[ mood | distressed ]

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[March 24th 2006|8.42am]
"Show me,
 show me, show me
 how you do that trick
 The one that makes me scream she

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[March 23rd 2006|7.23pm]

Try watching some fish

this tip for instant bliss was brought to you by lizzy stitt

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[March 21st 2006|10.09pm]

Good things come to those who wait.
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[March 21st 2006|5.55pm]
[ mood | good ]

I want her and i dont care who knows it.
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